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Doula & Childbirth Educator Testimonials

"With their knowledge, expertise, and emotional support, they helped us create a birth plan that was right for us.


Despite reading books and articles, watching videos and even taking birthing classes, we weren’t really ready to have our baby. Thankfully, Megan and Marlee were ready for us. 



During the 30 hours of labor, they attended to my every need, and acted as constant advocates for my husband, for me, and for our baby. They rubbed my back during every contraction and helped me relax and ease tension in my muscles. They tirelessly supported us all day and through the night. When our daughter finally came into the world, we felt as though our joy and triumph was theirs as well." 


                ~Sarah, Orange County


Marlee and Megan were so amazing to work with! From our first consultation I knew they would be a great fit! We hired Marlee as a postpartum doula and our only regret is that we didn't hire her for the birth too. She was AMAZING and so much help! As a new mommy I was so overwhelmed and each visit Marlee brought such a calming presence and helped me with everything I needed from nursing support to caring for myself after childbirth to how to better care for my daughter. After each visit I felt so relieved and grateful for all the amazing help and advice she provided. I'm so thankful she was there to help us at such a pivotal time in our lives. Thank you Marlee and Megan!!

"Having just learned what a doula was when I became pregnant with my first, we decided hiring one would be in line with what we envisioned our labor experience to be. The two together as a team made such a big difference. Between them they have a large breadth of knowledge in so many areas such as car seat safety, breastfeeding, baby wearing, labor techniques, tips for turning the stubborn breech babes, etc. Not only were they there for our prenatal visits and labor and delivery, they were and still are extremely helpful and responsive to any questions or concerns that pop up those first few weeks and months. Each have gladly made separate house calls to lend us items, instruct in their use, and then pick up!  Both my husband and I were extremely grateful to have Amanda at my labor. She was the steady and calming presence we both needed when my water broke four weeks before my due date. She was able to reassure and coach us both, all the while gently reminding us of our birth preferences and documenting the entire experience with pictures and video. We became so comfortable and friendly with the two of them and are truly are looking forward to our 3 month postpartum visit! We really can't say enough how happy we are with our decision to hire them and would strongly recommend their services to any expecting couples!"


                      ~Kyla, Newport Beach

Doulas provide comfort and information in Irvine and Newport

"I loved the personal aspect [of private childbirth preparation] which allowed us the flexibility to dive into topics that were important to us while still having a structured curriculum that covered all of the basics. I enjoyed the various exercises that allowed us to emote and interact with each other, but also appreciated the presentations and videos that covered a myriad of topics including potential complications and recovery. 


I think the classes helped my husband feel much more prepared, confident and valued. It was extremely helpful to discuss the different scenarios that we might encounter and go through various role playing exercises. The classes were such a positive influence on our relationship. They really made me feel so much more united and closer to my husband and made me appreciate his role so much more.


Amanda is amazing! She is so knowledgable and clearly spends quite a bit of time doing her own research to ensure that she's teaching and sharing the most up-to-date, evidence based facts. I'm so thankful that we were able to takes these classes with her!"


         ~Jean, Irvine

"I had a great experience with Your Birth Team. These ladies were extremely professional while making me feel comfortable enough to share so many intimate moments. They saw me at my best and worst and helped through it all. They were supportive throughout my pregnancy, birth, and during my postpartum period. They are always available to get in touch with.


When it came time for me to push, my husband was just minutes away but the baby was coming fast and I had to get her out. Having my doula with me got me through the fear that I was experiencing in that moment. She is forever part of my delivery and I feel we are connected because of that. 

Additionally, Your Birth Team has other services like placenta encapsulation which I did and have been happy with the results. I feel confident that the placenta helped balance my hormones which has resulted in my auto immune illness almost completely going into remission. I cannot find another explanation since I have not taken any additional medicine for my disease and my illness flares due to hormones. Consider Your Birth Team!!"


                       ~Mary, Orange

Get to know Your Birth Team in Irvine and Orange County

"I had to have surgery when my newborn was only 2 months old. I was concerned about the baby, my 3-year old, and about my husband managing all of that (while worrying about me). I was also very concerned that the baby would not come back to the breast after being bottle fed for 24+ hours. Marlee and Megan met us at the hospital and helped with the transition from me being with my family to me being at the hospital. They cared for my 2-month old and 3-year-old (including diapers, feeding, naps, entertaining, etc.). They took care of me, helped me with getting up and around, with pumping post-surgery, running errands, etc. They were open to suggestions (I’m a bit of a control freak) and were flexible and easygoing when there were last minute changes in our plans. The fact that my family was taken care of in every aspect and Marlee and Megan helped get my baby back to breast after 24+ hours on the bottle is proof that this investment was well worth it."



"I [also] reached out to Amanda right away for postpartum doula help. She was a Godsend! From working with me on how to best handle the situation to supporting my ideas and giving excellent suggestions, to going with the flow as things changed at the last minute. She took the nighttime shift herself. It made the entire process so much easier. I was so comfortable with her with the baby, with her helping me pump, etc. She made me comfortable enough to get the sleep I desperately needed to recover and followed up with us afterward to see how I was feeling. I cannot say enough about how much Amanda did to make what could have been a very difficult situation go smoothly and seamlessly. She is a truly good, caring person, a calming force in stressful situations, a phenomenal doula, and just plain wonderful in every way! I highly highly recommend her for any of your placenta encapsulation and doula needs! My only complaint? She can't be here with me 24/7 for the next 18 years."


     ~Bree, Laguna Niguel

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