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2021 Update: Amanda is currently accepting 1-2 birth clients per month.

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What Sets Amanda apart as a Birth Doula

Amanda is a highly skilled, award-winning perinatal doula who has worked with expecting families for almost a decade. To date, she has attended over 330 births and has supported over 550 pregnancies through nonprofit work and her business. Amanda has attended births in every hospital and birth center in Orange County and Long Beach-as well as some surrounding areas. She is also well-versed in home birth support and has completed an internship with out-of-hospital midwives as a doula + extensive midwifery education.


Having trained with over a dozen birth organizations, including DONA, Evidence Based Birth®Birthing From Within®, ICEA, Midwives College of Utahand more, Amanda can help distill down the overwhelming amount of information out there for your benefit. Working with Amanda as a birth doula client means you have access to a decade's worth of perinatal health experience, research, and know-how. She has read the books you're reading, watched the films you're watching, and understands the studies your providers base their practices around. Amanda truly believes in the doula's role to provide continuous care to the whole family and works diligently to ensure anyone who wants to actively participate in the birthing experience has what they need to do so.

Birth Doula Testimonials

Amanda is amazing - that's all that really needs to be said! I literally could not have had an unmedicated birth without Amanda's assistance. 

When interviewing doulas, we were very the baby that Amanda assisted with is our first born. My husband and I couldn't ask a question that Amanda didn't have an answer for, which was quite reassuring. As it turns out, her breadth of knowledge is much more extensive than she shared during our interview. Amanda knows so much about the birthing process and babies. After retaining Amanda's services, she shared so many great tips and tricks that we hadn't even thought of.

When I went into labor, I spent the first four hours figuring out whether or not I was actually in labor. As soon as my husband called Amanda, she offered to arrive at our home immediately to assist with the labor process. My husband didn't think I was in labor and told Amanda that we would call her back. The pain was intensifying, and by the time my husband called Amanda back, I felt like I was at my breaking point; I wanted the epidural!


When Amanda arrived, she instantly soothed me, as she was calm, relaxed, and encouraging. I felt empowered. She knew what to do and when to do it, which was helpful not just to me, but my husband too. She shared pain management techniques that got me through the thick of it. Our plan was to labor at home as long as possible, and Amanda knew just when to head to the hospital. When we arrived, I was dilated 8.5-9cm and our beautiful baby was born 30 minutes later; perfectly timed!


During the birthing process, Amanda was everywhere: comforting me, giving me instructions, sharing our birth plan with the staff, getting items from our car, snapping photos.... She did everything for us. She is even a lactation specialist and helped with that aspect - at the hospital and at our postpartum visit! I'd love to have her assist with our next little bundle of joy - she truly is amazing.

                   ~Kimberly, Irvine

We feel so lucky to have found Amanda and Taylor to be part of our birth team. They are the sweetest people and genuinely wanted the best birth experience for us. 

During pregnancy and labor, I felt supported 100% of the time- no matter what it was that I wanted. Amanda was able to offer information and advice on anything that popped up and helped us communicate what we wanted effectively with the hospital staff during labor. She was such an awesome motivator during hours of labor and during the 2.5 hours of pushing when I felt like I couldn't keep going. Taylor was such a huge help, stepping in whenever he was needed during labor. My husband was especially glad to have his extra support! 

In the end, we got the unmedicated birth that we wanted and a beautiful experience that we would not trade for the world. Out of all the "extra" things we did to prepare for labor, hiring Amanda and Taylor was by far the best investment. 

*Extra icing on the cake: labor/birth photos and videos, help with latching, supplied birthing tools (rebozo, books, videos, birthing ball etc.), help with getting placenta from hospital (even though we didn't encapsulate).

            ~Heidi, Laguna Beach

If you're interviewing doulas, add Amanda to your list. She is an expert in all ways. I was, and continue to be, impressed with her knowledge and advice for mothers-to-be and new moms. She helped shine lights on unknown parts of the birth process for my wife and me. I could not imagine a better birthing experience. She was super supportive and helped me feel a part of the process as well. She is dedicated to her clients above and beyond expectations. Amanda is head and shoulders above the rest and I am so glad we hired her to be Our Birth Team! 


                                    ~Jeff, Santa Ana

My experience with Amanda was so wonderful!! We contacted her for our sixth child and it was our first doula experience. My birth was such a special experience thanks to Amanda's care and knowledge and sensitivity. She really enhanced the communication between my husband and me to bring out feelings about the birthing experience that we had never considered in our previous birth experiences. Sharing those feelings really increased our intimacy during delivery and gave us such a special experience. I was also blown away by the postpartum care and support too.


In addition, Your Birth Team stays active in getting out important information to support moms and dads even after babies turn into toddlers. Their on-line support is wonderful and I am so thankful that we had Amanda as our doula. She was the perfect person to share such a personal and powerful experience with. She will forever hold a very special place in our hearts.


                                                              ~Heather, Tustin

Amanda has a large breadth of knowledge in so many areas such as car seat safety, breastfeeding, baby wearing, labor techniques, tips for turning the stubborn breech babes, etc.

Both my husband and I were extremely grateful to have Amanda at my labor. She was the steady and calming presence we both needed when my water broke four weeks before my due date.


She was able to reassure and coach us both, all the while gently reminding us of our birth preferences and documenting the entire experience with pictures and video. We became so comfortable and friendly and are truly are looking forward to our postpartum visit! We really can't say enough how happy we are and would strongly recommend services to any expecting couples!"


                 ~Kyla, Newport Beach

Amanda is freaking amazing. She is exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced. But even more important for me, she is approachable, casual, and personable. She makes Dr. Who jokes. Even now that our son is 6 months old, I still text her with random questions if things come up (ex. how do I know if the bottle is the right temperature? Should his poop smell like this? How do I use this baby carrier?).

Amanda was absolutely invaluable during our home birth. She arrived up at 3pm, about 5 hours before we called the midwife. Basically, she was just a sane person to guide us through the stages and help us get our minds in the right place. She talked with my wife and kept the mood positive and calm. She helped us know when it was time to call the midwife. Once the midwife arrived, she became an extra pair of hands to fill the tub, keep people hydrated, bring more towels, whatever. Our son was born at 1am, the midwife stayed another three hours, and Amanda stayed another couple hours after that just making sure we were all settled in. 

Amanda is incredible. If you are shopping around for doulas - and I hope you are - she is absolutely worth meeting.

  ~Daniel, Irvine

Amanda was an absolutely amazing doula: my wife and I could not picture our birth experience without her.  After trying to go into active labor at home on a Sunday night (intention was for an at home delivery), we asked Amanda to arrive early on Monday morning.  As the labor at home turned into an attempted, normal delivery at the hospital and then ultimately into a C-section, Amanda stayed with us until early Wednesday morning.  


She provided comfort, information and a third party that truly had our interest at heart.  It was a very emotionally difficult birth experience but my wife and I were extremely grateful to have Amanda be a part of it.  We constantly tell others about how everything was so much easier with just her sheer presence and we felt more assured about every step in the journey.  If you have an opportunity to utilize her as a doula - do so!  You will not be disappointed! 

~Muhammad Ali, Lake Forest

Birth Doula Packages

Comprehensive Birth Doula Support  ~1995


  • Lending library access, including books, dvds, birth balls, babywearing carriers, & more 

  • Exclusive learning & prep tools from Motherboard Birth, Evidence Based Birth, & more

  • Multiple prenatal visits to get comfortable with each other and prepare for birth

  • 24/7 availability via text, email, & phone from hire through one month postpartum



    Unlimited support during labor & birth. Backup doula only utilized in emergencies 

  • Post-birth wellness check-ins and ongoing guidance via phone, text, & email

  • Car Seat Buying & Installation service with safety education 

  • Packaged Pricing on additional services

Birth + Education  ~2595


Comprehensive Birth Doula Package, ​inclusive of everything listed above


Comprehensive Childbirth Education, covering any and all topics and tailored to your family

Birth + The First Month Home  ~3695


Comprehensive Birth Doula Package, ​inclusive of everything listed above


One Week In-Home Postpartum Doula Care, with 12 half-day visits

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