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Our Commitment to Public Safety
2023 UPDATE: Our Team is Fully Vaccinated, with Boosters
+ Masking in Most Spaces

What's happening:

Everyone has been affected by this pandemic. As we navigate these new waters, changes in our practice protocols, some of our offerings, and our overall approach to health and safety are shifting. 

What we're doing:

~All the precautions recommended by the CDC and other health agencies are being taken. This includes close monitoring for symptoms, temperature checks, limited interaction in public spaces, physical distancing with those outside our homes. 

~All consultations and many prenatal and postpartum visits take place via Zoom. Birth & Postpartum Doula clients receive in-person visits spaced out to limit the number of homes visited per day.


~Clients are not required to mask when with our team; our doulas may continue to mask throughout visits.  

~Client requests for heightened safety protocols are honored wherever possible.

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