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Postpartum Doula Support

We are currently booking up many months in advance.

Please inquire asap for due dates in January 2024 & beyond as space is limited.

orange county postpartum doula supports newborn care after birth
postnatal care by a doula with newborns
What Sets Us Apart as Postpartum Doulas

Our approach to postpartum care is completely tailored to each family. We provide holistic, thorough care in the weeks following the birth of a baby to ensure you feel surrounded with intentional support.

Though we have supported over 500 post-birth families, our clients often refer to us as truly nonjudgmental and relatable beyond being experts in our field. We are committed to the process of shared decision making and will never presume to know what's best for your family and your life. 

Our ultimate goal is to help parents feel confident, educated, and resourceful. To this end, we offer ongoing text and phone support between in-person visits, an exclusive Facebook group for long-term community, and access to our referral and resource lists well after our time in-person comes to an end. 

Postpartum support by a doula in home care after birth
What We Provide

Complementary consultation: A virtual consultation helps us get to know you and any support people who will be present in your home post-birth.


Scheduling Flexibility: Daytime doula care typically takes place between 9am-9pm, with Katie focusing on mornings and early afternoons and Amanda offering afternoon and evening care. We do not require specific days and times booked in advance of birth; clients booking packages have their spot held on the calendar for a period around their estimated due date and scheduling is simple and direct once baby is born!

Individualized Care: Each visit begins with a check-in to hear parents' and caregivers' concerns and questions. Sometimes postpartum doulas spend the majority of the postpartum visit caring for the newborn while parents rest; other times, doulas are doing practical work to help the household run smoothly. Often, a little bit of everything takes place over the course of the visit. 

a postpartum doula and a newborn infant learn to parent
What a Visit Can Include
  • Answering all the baby questions

  • Making suggestions for body + life wellness as you recover from birth

  • Promoting parent-baby bonding with proven techniques

  • Providing substantial breastfeeding/chestfeeding/bottlefeeding/alternative feeding support

  • Figuring out a safe, comfortable sleep situation for the whole family

  • Troubleshooting sleep issues in baby and the family 

  • Caring for baby while parents sleep, eat, shower, play with siblings, etc.

  • Cooking a delicious meal, getting groceries, setting up grocery delivery

  • Doing light home support such as laundry, dishes, & organizing

  • Assisting with baby wearing, venturing outside the home together

  • Accompanying to doctor's visits with parents

  • Providing furry family members with love and attention

  • Making referrals to care providers to support healing

Postpartum Doula Testimonials

"I had to have surgery when my newborn was only 2 months old. I was concerned about the baby, my 3-year old, and about my husband managing all of that (while worrying about me). I reached out to Amanda right away for postpartum doula help.

It made the entire process so much easier. I was so comfortable with her with the baby, with her helping me pump, etc. I cannot say enough about how much Amanda did to make what could have been a very difficult situation go smoothly and seamlessly. She is a truly good, caring person, a calming force in stressful situations, a phenomenal doula, and just plain wonderful in every way! I highly highly recommend her for any of your doula needs!"


                               ~Bree, Laguna Niguel

Amanda made our transition to parenthood less stressful and less sleep-deprived. Her support is and was literally priceless. It seemed there was nothing beyond her purview, being an expert in all things baby and all things to help a recovering mama. While at the same time helping with things in the home so I could focus my attention on myself and the baby.


She indeed "mothered the mother" and guided me in becoming a mom. I can't sing Amanda's praises enough. And I can't wait to have her in my home again if we have a second child. I promise working with Amanda will be one of the best things you do for yourself and your family.

                                    ~Brianne, Tustin

100% the best decision my husband and I made without knowing it at the time. Amanda is one of a kind special. She is well-read, educated, experienced, kind, considerate, punctual, gentle, positive, respectful,
honest and everything you could ask for in a support person at one of the most vulnerable, special times in a mother's life.

Amanda was with us postpartum, and I will forever cherish and be grateful for the time she spent with our family. As new parents, we knew "nothing". Literally, nothing. And having a baby during a pandemic meant family and close friends were kept at a distance to keep our baby as safe as possible. She made up for all of that!

Amanda was on time with a smile and ready to set goals everyday. Her support set us up for success. She answered every new mom question with evidence-based research and a smile. Not once did she make us feel like we were doing something wrong or silly for asking a question others may know. She offered support while NEVER imposing on us as new parents.

I have a love for this woman that she may never know the extent of. I value her knowledge and would recommend her to any family who might need her expertise. She was born for this role and executes it to the fullest. Thank you Amanda. :) again and again!

                                                                                                            ~Sarah, Orange County

Postpartum Doula Packages

All packages include 3-hour visits between 9am-8pm +​

~Resources, referrals, and handouts

~Car seat education + support during visits

~Access to lending library with babywearing carriers, exercise balls, books, and more

~Exclusive access to FB group with breastfeeding, baby care, and postpartum recovery tools + community

2 Weeks Postpartum Doula Care   ~1500

    Continuous phone, text, and email support between visits

  • Resources and referrals available from sign-on

  • Exclusive access to Client Resource Website

1 Month Postpartum Doula Care   ~3000

    Continuous phone, text, and email support between visits

  • Resources and referrals available from sign-on

  • Exclusive access to Client Resource Website


 Prenatal Car Seat Education & Installation Session

6 Weeks Postpartum Doula Care   ~4500

    Continuous phone, text, and email support between visits

  • Resources and referrals available from sign-on

  • Exclusive access to Client Resource Website


 Prenatal Car Seat Education & Installation Session


Prenatal Nursery Concierge Service

Interested in overnight postpartum care? Reach out for a custom package creation just right for your family!

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