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About Private Birth Classes

Whether you're planning an unmedicated birth and want to focus on coping skills or intend to utilize pain relief options in a hospital during birth, one-on-one childbirth education provides the opportunity to explore your unique plans for the most important day(s) of your life. Unlike group birth classes, you won't ever spend time listening to discussions that don't apply to you or relearning topics you already understand. Focusing on your needs as an independent person and unique family allows a more streamlined process for learning. 

Private classes are held online via Zoom. Classes are highly interactive, tailored to your needs, and include bonus videos and handouts at all levels to ensure you feel supported during this unique time in your life.

Childbirth Education Topics

  • Stages of Labor Overview: Early, Active, Transition, Pushing, Birth, Placenta, Immediate Postpartum (whole session)

  • Coping Skills & Techniques: Hypnosis, Breath-work (pranayama), Helpful Tools and Comfort Measure, & Meditation for Birth & Life

  • Optimal Fetal Positioning: Anatomy of the Pelvis, Breech Prevention, & Avoiding Back Labor

  • Nutrition & Exercise: Yoga, Strength Training, Optimal Nutrition, Coping with Cravings

  • Hospital Procedures & Technology: IV fluids, Induction Protocols, Fetal Monitoring, Oxygen Use, & more (whole session)

  • Pain Medication Options: Birthing with an Epidural, Nitrous Oxide, or IV Medications & Optimal Timing for Vaginal Birth

  • Partner Intimacy: Finding Alignment & Approaches to Birthing & Parenting as a Team, Working Together to Grow Into the Parents You Want to Be

  • Effective Birth Plans: Create a Plan Specific to Your Birthing Place and Your Values

  • What to Expect in a Cesarean Birth: When Surgical Births are Necessary, How to Prevent Where Possible

  • VBAC: Vaginal Birth After Cesarean; Prior Birth Processing, Fear Releasing, Repeat Cesarean Discussion

  • Productive Communication: Role Play & Practice Specific Techniques to Work With Medical Providers, Family, & Partners

  • Postpartum Recovery: Initial & Long Term Healing; Physical & Emotional/Mental Well-Being (whole session)

  • Breastfeeding/Infant Feeding: Prevent Common Issues in Feeding, learn about baby's needs + breast care for birther (whole session)

  • Baby Care Basics: Bathing, Diapering, Baby-wearing, Dressing, Soothing, & Baby Sleep (whole session)

Childbirth Education Testimonials

"I loved the personal aspect [of private childbirth preparation] which allowed us the flexibility to dive into topics that were important to us. I enjoyed the various exercises that allowed us to emote and interact with each other, but also appreciated the presentations and videos that covered a myriad of topics including potential complications and recovery. I think the classes helped my husband feel much more prepared, confident and valued. It was extremely helpful to discuss the different scenarios that we might encounter and go through various role playing exercises. The classes were such a positive influence on our relationship. They really made me feel so much more united and closer to my husband and made me appreciate his role so much more.


Amanda is amazing! She is so knowledgable and clearly spends quite a bit of time doing her own research to ensure that she's teaching and sharing the most up-to-date, evidence based facts. I'm so thankful that we were able to takes these classes with her!"


                                    ~Jean, Irvine

I highly, highly, highly recommend Amanda!! She's not only an amazing person but you feel immediately 1000% safe in her knowledge about babies, car seats, placenta encapsulation, etc.


We had Amanda help us with our car seat installation because we were nervous as first time parents to make sure we knew everything there is to know about installing our car seat correctly.Goodness, I'm so glad we did!


Amanda was punctual, took her time, made sure we talked about absolutely everything, made sure we could probably operate and handle the car seat installation ourselves and much more. Her follow up was also something that we highly appreciated and she answered any and all additional questions we had. 


We would work with her over and over again because it's been such an amazing experience from start to finish.Thanks Amanda for everything!!


                        ~Cornelia, Los Angeles

"Amanda did a private childbirth class-she was wonderful. She was very flexible about the day and able to accommodate our schedule very last minute. She packed so much information in one session and really gave me the motivation to try and hire our own doula, she's just that good! I wish that we'd be able to hire her as our personal doula, she has so much knowledge and confidence it left us feeling really good about my upcoming birth. Thank you so much Amanda! You truly were amazing :)"


                                       ~Jade, Long Beach

We scheduled a private childbirth education session with Amanda and absolutely loved it. My husband and I couldn't stop talking about how perfect it was and how glad we were to do it this way instead of scheduling a childbirth class through the hospital. She customized it perfectly for us and we felt so comfortable asking her any and every question. She even followed up the appointment with more resources and links to answer and expand upon things we brought up in our session. We feel much more prepared and educated for what to expect for our first child's delivery. Thank you Amanda!


                                        ~Amna, Irvine

My wife and I researched a while before deciding to go with Amanda's classes. We weren't dead set on any one path in birth and some classes felt extreme.


I wanted to know the nitty gritty details so I could best prepare to support my family in the moment, and that's exactly what Amanda dives into. Our online sessions were so much better than any birth or parent class we took from the hospital. We did the comprehensive class option and still could have kept talking with Amanda. She made it easy to understand topics and was just fun to be around. We're going to be forever grateful for this time we had with Amanda!


                               ~Liz, Tustin

Childbirth Preparation Packages

Weekday, Weeknight, & Weekend availability for private childbirth education classes

Intro/Refresh ~295


  • Two 90-minute sessions

  • Exclusive Handouts & Resources

Bundle  ~495


  • Four 90-minute sessions 

  • Exclusive Handouts & Resources

  • Curated Video Playlist for ongoing preparation

Comprehensive  ~795


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