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LGBTQIA2S+ Parents


Get the support you deserve


LGBT doula
lgbtq birth
lesbian pregnancy doula
Gay parenting doula
adoption doula
in vitro doula

If you're feeling overlooked or unseen as you prepare to welcome new life into this world, or if you're just beginning to explore your options for prenatal and birthing care, please reach out. Our team acknowledges the extreme lack of representation for LGBT+ people in literature, online groups, childbirth classes, and basically anything else pertaining to birth & newborn parenting. Allow us to offer you safe, continuous, and caring support as you begin or expand your family. Amanda & Taylor both identify as queer and are ardent allies to other folks in the LGBTQIA2S+ community.


Whether you are utilizing a surrogate, IUI/IVF, parenting within the foster system, adopting, or none of the above, queer-affirming doulas and educators can help you find local and universal resources that actually apply to your family and your life. Your Birth Team is gender-affirming and supports families of all types and structures. 

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