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Doula & Birth Photography

Available in Orange County, Los Angeles County, & the Inland Empire


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Amanda Cagle

Amanda provides wraparound pregnancy, birth, & postpartum care along with photography services to clients from all walks of life in Southern California & beyond. Having supported 600+ families since 2011, Amanda is an advocate, an educator, a guide, a supporter, a documentarian, & more. She holds credentials as a doula, photographer, childbirth educator, lactation counselor, & car seat safety technician. Prior to founding Your Birth Team, Amanda worked in nonprofits specializing in pregnant, unhoused populations. She graduated with honors from CSUF with a Bachelor's in Sociology: Family Studies and has been happily married for close to a decade. 

*Availability is very limited; Amanda is currently booking late April 2023 due dates & beyond*

Heirloom Artwork to Honor Birth as a Rite of Passage

As a birth photographer, Amanda has the rare opportunity to highlight for each family just how unique and wondrous their experience of labor and birth truly is. The emotions, the physical journey, the connection between partners, and the arrival of a new baby are all worthy of documentation. Having photographic keepsakes of birth provides an opportunity for birthing families to start or build upon their visual legacy, so that generations to come may know and hold dear the gift of familial imagery. It is Amanda's privilege to provide undeniable proof of the beauty, strength, and resilience each person birthing a human into existence possesses.

A Commitment to Reducing Birth Trauma

Amanda has been a dedicated doula and educator for over a decade, having worked with hundreds of expecting families in Southern California. Even with all that experience, birth still can surprise, delight, and awe. This is why Amanda is consistently seeking out opportunities to learn and skill-build in areas such as adult education, cultural humility, coping skills, accessibility in birth, comfort measures, communication in healthcare settings, patient advocacy, and more so that she may elevate the birthing and parenting experiences of anyone who wants to benefit from the presence of a doula + birth photographer professional.

A Comprehensive Practice

Amanda knows too well that the U.S. medical system does not prioritize enough time and energy per patient to improve outcomes or satisfaction amongst growing families. Basing her practice off the midwifery model of care, Amanda purposely limits her client load to ensure you receive focused, attentive care every step of the way. The level of support you receive in her doula and photography practice ensures that you never feel you're on an assembly line in your childbirth journey.