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Why Work with a Lactation Educator & Counselor?

Amanda has provided breastfeeding, spoon-feeding, SNS training, & bottle feeding support to over 500 families since 2011. As a lactation counselor, postpartum doula, parent advocate, and newborn care provider, Amanda is able to provide preventative counseling to the new parent and offer solutions to anyone figuring out how/when/what to feed their infants. Amanda's support is inclusive and varied; she provides consultations for breastfeeding mothers, chestfeeding families, and those using bottles/nipple shields/pumps/SNS systems/etc. 

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What a session can look like:

  • Education around options for feeding infants prior to birth to create a custom plan for the home

  • Assessing latch for breastfeeding and chestfeeding families

  • Suggesting comfortable position changes for your body

  • Finding solutions when there are lactation challenges, including pumping

  • Sourcing support and providing referrals to additional local resources (support groups, professionals, and more)

  • Evaluating dietary needs for a healthy lactation experience

  • Examining formula and bottle choices to meet your baby's needs

  • Walking through how to safely prepare formula and maximize nutrient intake

  • Developing a schedule that works for baby and the whole family

  • Introducing the bottle to a primarily breastfed baby

  • Finding donor milk to supplement your milk or formula 

  • Pumping and storing solutions/Going back to work

  • Education on introducing solid foods, preparing baby food, and baby-led weaning

  • Discussion around long-term goals with lactation + how to wean if desired or needed

Lactation Support Testimonials

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have been a Godsend to us during this messy time. I can't even begin to tell you how frustrated we were at the hospital because they just don't come in and help during covid. I for sure thought we were going to have to stop breastfeeding because it hurt so much. I really enjoyed our time together and the online lactation was much more helpful than I thought it would be. You'll be happy to hear we just hit the 4 week mark of exclusive breastfeeding and I owe it all to you and that playlist you sent. It's hard to find time to read anything these days so the videos were amazing! Thank you again for everything you did for us.


                                                                                                  ~Maggie, Virtual Support

I used Amanda as my lactation consultant. Like so many first-time moms, I had countless questions about breastfeeding and pumping. Amanda came to my home and answered all of my questions. She was patient and knowledgeable.

She gave me valuable advice on how to make breastfeeding more comfortable and effective. She also helped me understand how to use my moby wrap. When Amanda left, I felt empowered and confident! She's amazing!


                                                                                              ~Kristen, Fullerton

My Doula gave me Amanda contact info. When I arrived home I was still having a little problem breastfeeding. I was able to schedule Amanda to visit my home the next day after contacting her. She was way more helpful than the lactation consultants that helped me in the hospital. She was very patient. I liked how she observed how you were most comfortable breastfeeding and gave you tips on how to improve your technique. She gave me advice on breast care and other positions. When to introduce a bottle. Even after our session months later I was experiencing a very painful clogged duct and I emailed her for help and she got back to me right away on tips on how to care for it. I highly recommend Amanda for lactation consulting services.


                                                                                        ~Lauren, Orange

Amanda is the best! She knew right away that my baby wasn't transferring milk correctly and worked with me for over an hour until he was latched well. She taught me how to hold my body so my back and shoulders would stop aching. She even recommended different pump flanges as mine were too small and causing damage. There's so much to know about breastfeeding and it's not nearly as simple as some people say it is. Amanda is basically a walking breastfeeding book that I don't have to read. Without her support, I don't know if we would have made it past the first week of breastfeeding challenges. 

Amanda followed up after the first visit and provided helpful links and videos to reinforce what we learned with her. It seems she has a resource for any breastfeeding topic! We also reached out to Amanda when our pediatrician recommended rice cereal at four months old. She provided us with research and education that helped us make the best decision about solid foods for our baby. Overall, Amanda was a wealth of knowledge. I'm so glad we found her to help us parent our little one. 


                                                                                                     ~Raquel, Long Beach

I called Amanda for a car seat visit, and ended up utilizing her for lactation support too. The car seat visit was amazing, but Amanda literally saved my wife's health with her breastfeeding advice. It's clear she has a passion for what she does and she was able to help my wife feel better instantly. She was swollen, hurting, and red when Amanda arrived. By the time she left, the baby was full, my wife was comfortable, and we knew what to do so engorgement didn't happen again. 

We decided to purchase three visits total with Amanda and used them over the course of a couple months. Each time, she brought new information, helpful techniques, and a sense of calm into our home. My wife ended up feeding the baby exclusively for almost six months and I learned how to help with pumping, storing, and bottle feeding. I highly recommend seeing Amanda more than once as she has a lot to offer! Thanks so much!!

                                                                                                     ~Danielle, Whittier

Lactation & Infant Feeding Pricing 
Virtual Visit  ~100


  • 1-2 hour visit via Zoom-can take place during hospital stay!

  • Follow-up resources

Follow-up Visit  ~80


  • 1 hour visit via Zoom-can take place during hospital stay or once at home

  • Follow-up resources

Education + Counseling Bundle   ~200


  • 2-hour virtual lactation class to prep for the first days of feeding

  • 1-2 hour virtual visit after birth 

  • Follow-up resources

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