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Car Seat Support


Buying Guidance, Checks, & Installation

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Why Work with a Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST)?

Whether you've just welcomed a child(ren), or have been parenting for years, we know that keeping your little one safe is important to you. Yet life is busy and kids are messy. Hiring a CPST to check your work can help you feel 100% confident with kids in the car.

2017 Data: Leading Causes of Unintentional Injury Deaths in U.S.

by Age

Orage County Car Seat

Motor vehicle (marked MV on image) deaths have declined drastically since the invention of car seats and seat belts, but car crashes are still a leading cause of death for children every year. 


One reason for this is that even when car seats/booster seats are used, they aren't necessarily used correctly. 

Some common misuses include:

  • using LATCH beyond its weight capacities 

  • installing using LATCH/seat belt at the same time

  • loose harnessing on the child in the seat

  • chest clip at the wrong height

  • using a car seat that is inappropriate for the child's age or development

  • adding a towel or seat protector underneath a car seat that doesn't allow for it

  • leaving infant inserts in the car seat beyond manufacturer directions or not using them to position an infant at the appropriate time

  • installing the car seat in the wrong seating location for the vehicle

  • using expired seats

  • using recalled seats


Car Seat Safety Testimonials

We originally called CHP and Irvine PD for our car seats as we thought this was where people usually got car seats checked. Turns out, there are not many locations that do this anymore and Irvine quoted us a 2-month wait. I found Amanda on Yelp and am so glad. 


She came to our home as I had just given birth. She installed our two bases in two cars and made sure they fit well before teaching us all the steps. I'm embarrassed to say I had missed more than one important thing and my husband had even double checked my work. But Amanda was gracious and so sweet about it all and we now feel sure our car seats are being used right. She gave us a couple recommendations for the convertible seats we'll need next and we will definitely be having her back to install those too. Super patient, affordable, and well worth the time to see Amanda the CPST!


                                                                 ~Denise, Irvine

I texted Amanda to see if she was available for a car seat installation. She was super responsive and we were able to schedule a meeting the next day. She came to my house and was a life saver! Turns out our car seat was not installed correctly. She took her time and answered all my questions. She showed me how to install the seat in both my cars since sometimes the settings need to be adjusted depending on the type of car. She was very nice and patient. I highly recommend her!


                                                                 ~Tina, Fullerton

I texted Amanda for a car seat installation appointment and she responded back super fast! Being so busy with my 5 month old, I wanted a professional to show me all about car seat safety instead of reading the long manual and still not being certain it was correct.


She explained and showed us how to properly install 2 different seats in 2 different cars and how to adjust them as my child grows. I'm so much more confident with the seats and have peace of mind that they are in correctly for the safest ride possible for my LO.  She ensured we felt comfortable with the seatsand was very thorough. Thank u Amanda!


                                                                      ~Angie, Placentia

I found Amanda through a mom page on Facebook and I am so happy I did. Even though my husband had read through the car seat manuals, we never even thought to check the actual car manual!! Turns out we have been installing our seats completely wrong the entire time! We are so grateful that we didn't find out the hard way! 

After Amanda taught us the basics and how things are different with forward and rear facing seats, we felt more knowledgeable and confident in our car seat installing abilities! If you haven't had a car seat specialist check your seats, it is worth it for peace of mind. Thank you Birth Team!!


                                                                      ~Rachel, Aliso Viejo

Inquire For Availability

To support ongoing efforts to minimize the pandemic impact, Amanda will be offering multiple types of car seat sessions for families to choose from. Please note specifications and price differences between options and reach out with any questions!


1) Virtual via Facetime or Zoom. We can go over all the same educational pieces as in-person, but with an installation walk-through instead of in-person check by CPST. Complimentary virtual support is available for any family utilizing Medi-Cal, TANF, WIC, SSI, or SNAP benefits. 

2) In-Person, masked car seat sessions are available on a limited basis in Cypress or at your chosen location. If selecting this option, masks are required for all adults and teens present. Masks must remain on and covering mouth and nose through the entire session (45-60 minutes on average, dependent on number of vehicles and car seats). CPST wears a mask as well and will be physically distancing when possible during session. CPST will not handle client children at this time. 

Virtual  ~80


  • 30-60 minute support session 

  • Complete walk-through and guidance to ensure your DIY install is safe

  • Thorough email follow-up with ongoing resources

Cypress   ~80


  • 30-60 minute support session

  • Installation & hands-on practice

  • Thorough email follow-up with ongoing resources

Your Location  ~175


  • 30-90 minutes of education and installation support (up to 3 car seats in any number of vehicles)

  • Thorough email follow-up with ongoing resources

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