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Placenta Encapsulation


Beginning May 1, 2021, new bookings for placenta services will only be offered as an add-on to existing clients.


Beginning June 2022, we are no longer processing placentas. 

postpartum doula in orange supports newborn family

Our placenta specialists trained with IPPA, both in-person & online, to learn how to properly handle & encapsulate placentas. We also keep current certificates of bloodborne pathogen training & CA Food Handler's Cards. We take great pride in our placenta encapsulation workspace; our cleaning protocols exceed OSHA standards and regulationsAll dehydrated placentas reach an internal heat of 160 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure the highest standards of food safety. 

Ethical Practice: Your Birth Team aims to be as forthcoming & transparent as possible in all areas of practice. To ensure safety of your placenta at all times, only one placenta is allowed in the workspace at a time. We limit the number of pre-booked clients per month to eliminate overlap between clients. This also means a speedy return to you!

Training & Practice
Newport Hoag placenta encapsulation
hoag newport placena encapsulation
Newport placenta encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation Testimonials

Amanda is amazing! I called her regarding encapsulating my placenta and she was so nice and answered all my questions! Her website is very user friendly and she makes everything so convenient for you! She came and picked up my placenta and then dropped the capsules off at our house, which is a blessing because you don't want to have to go anywhere right after having a baby!


Prior to our baby being born she did a private child birth class for us which helped so much! She helped guide my husband on how to be there for me and what to expect which made him feel much better! We had no idea what to expect during childbirth and she was able to make us feel confident that we could do it! She's very open minded and kind! I highly recommend her services!


             ~Lindsay, Tustin

I had already hired a doula team but was referred to Amanda for placenta encapsulation. She is truly just a wonderful person and I could not have felt more comfortable or excited about encapsulation with her. The entire process has been enjoyable and worthwhile.  She responded to all my questions immediately and knows her stuff! She picked up and soon hand delivered taking the time to present everything in a neat little gift package.


I felt really comfortable with her and that she really genuinely cared about my well being. She followed up and even offered additional resources and support if I ever needed as well! Given how much I enjoyed our limited contact with encapsulation, I can only imagine what a phenomenal doula she is too!


                    ~Chelsea, Irvine

Placenta Support Options
Placenta Encapsulation
placenta prepration newport beach

Vegetarian capsules for easy digestion. Capsules are easy-to-swallow with no additives or food coloring. The number each client receives varies depending on placenta size, with the average being 110-130 total.

Placenta Tincture
placenta capsules newport coast

Used to stabilize hormones after capsules are consumed, provide menstrual cycle relief, and even soften the edges of menopause.

Placenta Smoothie Cubes
Hoag hospital placenta encapsulation

Adding small amounts of raw placenta to a healthy fruit smoothie can give a new parent an amazing energy boost and help initial healing after birth. 

Salve/Body Butter
oc placenta newport beach

Our salves are natural skin care products made for each client. All organic ingredients include coconut oil, Shea butter, vitamin E oil, and more to create a smooth, healing body butter. 

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