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Past Client Launches Local Business

For my first feature, I'd like to introduce Naheemah from Illumination Boutique. I was fortunate enough to attend the amazing labor and birth of her first child early this year at Beach Cities Midwifery in Long Beach. After that, she and her husband graciously welcomed me into their home as their postpartum doula. In the months since I stopped visiting them as a doula, we've kept in contact and visited just because. And I couldn't be happier about that. Naheemah is a wonderful human being with a bright smile, caring heart, and lovingly created business with a simple approach.

Here's a bit about her and her new business, in classic interview style. Enjoy!

AMANDA: Who are you?

NAHEEMAH: At my core, I am an encourager. I love to inspire others with courage and confidence. As a wife, a new mother to a beautiful son, who is my smile, and an entrepreneur, I am simply doing what I feel most comfortable doing- bringing hope, empowerment, and inspiration to the world one jar at a time.

The Illumination Experience is a uniquely handcrafted glass jar filled with positive affirming messages to illuminate every day of your life. Each Illumination Experience provides a source of light to speak life into your mind, body, and spirit; and is offered in 30 Day, 60 Day, or Build Your Own options.

To use the Illumination Experience jar, simply read and apply the affirmation to your life daily.

AMANDA: Why did you start Illumination Boutique?

NAHEEMAH: I have always loved the word illuminate and the definition of Illumination is to bring spiritual and intellectual enlightenment. Illumination Boutique was derived from this definition and my passion to help each person see the joy in each day, be confident in who they are, and live every moment with purpose. I believe every individual is God's masterpiece specially created with unique gifts and talents, and my purpose is fulfilled through each jar by empowering lives to shine bright.

AMANDA: Who would get the most from The Illumination Experience?

NAHEEMAH: We offer five collections of our Illumination Experience jars. Our Affirm: Mother-to-be Collection is the perfect gift to give to a new mom to help her build strength and confidence as she prepares for labor. The Love Illuminates is a great way to uplift and pray God's promises over your marriage. The Illumination Experience is great for a birthday, anniversary, or holiday. They can also be used as gifts for conferences, corporate events, family members, friends, or co-workers. No matter the occasion, each collection offers something for everyone wanting a word of encouragement. The Illumination Experience will empower you to live with hope, purpose, and inspiration.

AMANDA: Who would you like to work with in the future?

NAHEEMAH: We are seeking opportunities to collaborate with boutiques and businesses wanting to carry our Illumination Boutique products.

AMANDA: Where can we get the Illumination Experience jars?

NAHEEMAH: Use promo code “DOULA” at checkout to get 20% off your purchase, good till 12/31/2014.You can also find us on Instagram. And please help us hit 100 likes by going to our Facebook Page.

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