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Evidence Based Birth®: A New Resource for Orange County Parents

Evidence Based Birth® is one of a handful of web resources that almost all doulas in our community know, love, and utilize on a regular basis. has a multitude of amazing articles that summarize the current research findings on a number of important birth-related topics. Some of the most popular articles handed out to families during prenatals & childbirth education sessions include "Evidence on the Vitamin K Shot", "The Evidence for Doulas", and my personal favorite: "The Evidence on Due Dates".

What makes this resource particularly important for doulas and expecting families is that it is chock full of research that medical care providers respect but is presented in simple-enough language most of us non-M.D.-types can understand and really learn from. This is the exact reason that I decided to pursue becoming an Evidence Based Birth ® Instructor. Well, that and an apparent burning desire to add more to my already packed plate!

Six weeks, a ton of videos lectures, and one loooong exam later, I now have invaluable resources at my disposal for every single client. AND I'm able to provide workshops & childbirth preparation classes for the public to help parents truly learn what evidence-based care is, how to find a provider who will honor their goals, how to choose a support team and birth environment conducive to their needs, and what their rights in the hospital and medical system are. I'd say it was an investment well worth it!

Coming soon: 3-hour community workshops, childbirth preparation classes, & a specialized website for parents in Orange County, CA to learn about all their options. Keep an eye out and keep up with Your Birth Team on Instagram & Facebook in the mean time!

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