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Anticipation for Midwifery School

This video is all about how much excitement I've been feeling in the months since being accepted into Midwives College of Utah for midwifery school. I'm on my way to becoming a Certified Professional Midwife for Orange County & Long Beach families and am so happy to be on this path. Follow my journey on Facebook and YouTube by liking/subscribing to @yourbirthteam

Hey everybody. This is my second video about midwifery school stuffs. I had originally intended to video much more from the time I was accepted and went to the conference at Midwives College of Utah to now, which is August. The semester’s about to start, and I really haven’t been able to take the time to sit down with my thoughts and feelings, and anything really. I’ve just been working a lot in my doula practice, which is good. It’s helped me get through these very long months in between. It feels like it’s been forever since I was accepted and started getting excited and went to the conference in April. But this is the month! Everything is coming together – financial aid processes are underway. I think they’re confirmed in my case. I have my class schedule, which is cool. MCU works with a major map, meaning that you know the classes you’re going to take, you know the textbooks you’re going to have, but since it’s based online, the actual schedule for live sessions online each week, or every other week or whenever they meet online that’s live, that schedule I don’t know. So I’m looking forward to learning that soon, just to plan out my life a little bit.

I’ve been placed into a house with Midwives College of Utah and it sounds “sorting hat” style a la Harry Potter. But I’m excited about it. What it means is that typically anyone in the program is going to be sorted into or placed into a house with a specific mentor and other specific people in the program. Usually it’s based on geographic region, as far as I understand it, so a lot of the people in my group are from California, Washington, Oregon, lots of West Coast...Vancouver. But there could be other people from other places, as well. And then I was assigned a house mentor as well, so the person who really runs that group. So it’s pretty exciting. I think it’s one of the best things about MCU, honestly, the whole program, is that you have this person who’s available to you to check in with them throughout the trimester, but also so they check in with you. So there’s a lot of accountability there. I’m excited to touch base with her and get more advice from her during midwifery school. I met her at that April conference, and I really enjoyed her presence in total, and I already got amazing advice from her on one subject. I’m looking forward to building that relationship and being a mentee again. I like that relationship, and I like that I can mentor others, and also be somebody who’s being advised by somebody.

Textbooks – so many textbooks. I’m lucky because MCU has a lot of the textbooks I need. I’m going to request next week, so hopefully lots of them will come and I don’t have to pay for them, and I can just send them back at the end of a trimester. But if not, obviously I’m going to be forking out quite a bit on textbooks in total anyway. So it’s something I budgeted for, but I forgot how much textbooks and materials for classes actually cost. It adds up so quickly.

And on my breaks during postpartum doula overnights right now, what I’ve been doing is trying to get ahead of the game a little bit, for whatever that’s worth. I have no access to what the assignments are like, or what I’m going to be doing assignment-wise or essay-wise or anything. All I know is that I have these birth related books that I’m going to have read at some point, so I’ve decided to read now, and get as much as possible done now, and then do a lot of note taking leading up. I’ve been doing that on my overnight breaks, whenever babies are sleeping, and moms and dads are sleeping, and just trying to get some good yummy time in to be productive.

I’m really looking forward to the Midwives College of Utah orientation at the end of the month. I’m also in high anticipation mode. I just want to get in there. I know that’s so common for student midwives, who are just like, “I want to get in there, I want to do it!” Especially if you’ve been putting this off for a long time, or if you had to for life purposes. I had to. I had a lot of other life things happening. I didn’t think about midwifery school for a long time because I knew I couldn’t do it. So now that I’m right there on the precipice of starting, I’m just really excited.

Check back in with me two weeks into the trimester and I might have a whole different disposition and outlook, but overall, I’m pretty excited right now.

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