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Building a Midwife’s Kit

Orange County Home Birth Midwife

This was a fun project for the Midwifery Assistant Orientation course at Midwives College of Utah. I took this course Summer 2019, so as soon as this list is published it is outdated. The first list is what I have already, some of which goes into my assistant midwife bag. The second list is just some of what I'll need to practice independently as a home birth midwife in Orange County, CA. List adapted from Heart & Hands, 5th Ed.

Home Birth Midwife Orange

Supplies I Have:

-Doppler & ultrasound gel


-Stethoscope (2)

-Blood pressure cuff (2)

-1 pair operating scissors, 5-1/2” straight, sharp/blunt

-1 pair Kelly forceps, 5-1/2” straight

-1 tape measure (flexible)

-Non-sterile gloves


-Essential oils


Home Birth Midwife Doula oC


Birth Center Midwife Orange County

Supplies I Need:

-Heating pad

-Bulb syringe

-Heating pad

-Vinyl gloves

-Disposable under pads (chux)

-Infant scale

-3 curved hemostats

-1 pair operating scissors, 5-1/2” straight blunt/blunt

-1 pair umbilical scissors

-1 cord bander

-3 mosquito forceps

-2 needle holders

-1 ring forceps

-Cord clamp devices

-Sterile gloves

-Sterile gauze

-Lubricating jelly


-Syringes (3 and 5 cc)

-Instrument tray and cover

-1.5in, 21-gauge needles

-0.5in, 23-gauge needles

-Suture material




-Vitamin K


-Nitrazine paper

-Urinalysis strips

-Pregnancy tests


-DeLee mucus traps

-Cord blood tubes

-Alcohol prep pads

-Stamp pad

-O2 system & resuscitation masks

-IV and blood draw equipment

-Lancets (newborn and adult)

-Pulse oximeter


-Blood glucose monitor

-Herbs, tinctures, homeopathics

Birth Midwife OC Orange

Amanda Cagle is a professional doula, educator, and student midwife located in Orange County, CA who offers comprehensive services to growing families and birth professionals alike. Amanda can be reached via email at yourbirthteam@gmail.com or through www.yourbirthteam.com.

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